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Our piercing workshops

Twice a month, you have the opportunity to come and be pierced in our warm boudoir. Our professional piercer, thanks to his expert gesture, offers you the opportunity to give free rein to your desires: a first piercing or beautify an already curated ear. The piercing is done only with the needle, which is the most hygienic and respectful technique for the tissues of the ear. We will give you all the advice for the care to be performed in the month following the piercing. Healing lasts 6 to 12 weeks.

Where and when ?

Twice a month in our shop located at 51 rue Mignot Delstanche in 1050 Brussels. The intervention takes only a few minutes. Click here to book an appointment directly on our website.


Piercing the ear only - refer to the diagram above. Different types of 18K gold piercings from Maria Tash and Kismet are available: ear studs or rings.
Wearing a mask is madantory
Hand cleaning on entry and exit with hydroalcoholic gel
Do not come accompanied (except for minors)
No food or drinks


Lobe: 30 €
Helix: 35€
+ the price of the earring.