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In passing words and subconscious connection, a passion for jewelry design emerged between husband and wife, Christopher & Mai. They wanted to do something together, unspoken, connected, and unrivaled. They knew that after creating their first few pieces, something special and uniquely talented emerged.

Their pieces are created from a simple idea that unfolds when Mai is divinely inspired and draws the fleeting images from her mind into a sketch book. Christopher then works with our collection of rare gemstones to recreate what she sees in her mind’s eye. Together with a block of wax we carve, melt, burr & shape, bringing her ideas to life.

Sirciam’s (sir-key-am) refined organic style speaks through warm rose gold in a luxury-bohemian aesthetic. The pieces can be immediately recognized as  watermelon tourmalines, dreamy opals, pastel sapphires, & artistically included moonstones have a one-of-a-kind tone. Astrological themes often surface in their collection, where their timeless interpretation really bespeaks the wearer with their thought forms & freedoms.

Every one of the pieces are expertly handmade in Los Angeles in their little studio.

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