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Le Gramme is born from the passion of his co-founder, Erwan Le Louër, for its aestheticism and the central place given to objects in his life.

Having obtained a master’s degree in industrial design in 2007, he learned the rigor of a creative process that gives a meaning to an object, as well as a work methodology that frees itself from constraints to cultivate its creativity. He also nourishes culture, being open to the art and design of today and of the past.

He launched his first jewelry brand, jem, in 2008. jem was the first jewelry house to base its business model on sustainable development.

For this project, he collaborated with various designers and developed, among other products, the Isabel Marant watch.

In 2010, he began to manage the jewelry license for Maison Margiela. after three years of working with Maison Margiela, he launched Le Gramme.

Guided by his vision and will to create, he founded Le Gramme in 2013.

Since 2010, Erwan Le Louër has rounded out his esthete projects with his own design and contemporary art collection. Titled « the archives project », it translates the immoderate taste of the designer-entrepreneur for minimal aesthetic and stretched lines–the quest of a creative tension that generates emotions.

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