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Katherine Kim is a Los Angeles based designer. She presents a fine jewelry collection comprised of clean lines with unexpected silhouettes. The purity and sparkle of gold are the essence of the canvas upon which she works. Linear or curved, rounded or sharp, the foundation of her work is the eternal radiance of the world’s most romantic metal. Sustainability and global responsibility are also her founding pillars. Katherine also spends her time with private client’s to create special one of a kind bespoke pieces.

KATKIM is a blend of design, quality and sustainability that is fused in every piece. Sustainability is one of the core pillars upon which the brand was founded. It’s a crucial guideline for the design and development of the pieces, which are created with respect for the communities and environment that surrounds us. Every piece of KATKIM is handmade in Los Angeles, California where the entire production process is overshadowed from start to finished product. In a world of mass production, each of her pieces are handmade by artisans. All of the diamonds are conflict free that adhere to The Kimberly Process.


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