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Carole LeBris

New York City with it raw beating heart, inimitable skylines, and time-honored art heroes have become the central inspiration for Carole Le Bris Perez’s dramatic fine art jewelry.

Daring and instantly recognizable, her sculpted jewelry is composed of a striking combination of gold and diamonds set in irregular shapes. The diamonds unexpected arrangements throughout her jewelry lines is a compelling signature of Carole’s approach to Jewelry itself. With an off-kilter crown motif as her brand signature and lopsided stars as a recurrent theme, her jewelry exudes an artistic zeal and energy liken to that of New York city’s preeminent twentieth-century sculptors and painters.

From her earliest years, she loved to create jewelry for herself and her friends. In 1998, she studied sculpture at New York’s Art Student League and today, the jeweler’s eponymous jewelry is proudly crafted right here in NYC.

As the wife and muse of the renowned artist, Enoc Perez, she relishes her daily diet of living and breathing art. Indeed, she lives surrounded by artists with art featured on every wall. She has been Enoc’s muse ever since they met. In this collection, the roles reverse and he becomes her muse. From Enoc’s Picasso-inspired eyes and totemic palm trees, you can find cues to their lifelong collaboration throughout her work.

Every Carole LeBris Perez piece renders these influences into bright elegant designs that delight the eye.

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