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Mercedes Salazar

Two Golden Suns Earrings


The Two Golden Suns earrings are inspired by the importance of the Sun in our life. The Earth, human beings, animals and plants depend on the Sun. Its presence in the sky marks the day and its absence the night, its arrival scares away the dangers and fears that lurk in the darkness, its light and heat gives shelter. The Sun has been worshiped in all ancient civilizations and revered as a source of life, consciousness and spirituality. The Golden Sun earrings are handmade by master artisans in Tenza, Boyacá  in Bogotá using caña de castilla and gold-plated bronze.

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    gold plated bronze

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    Colombian jewellery designer, Mercedes Salazar, finds endless possibilities when designing her exotic jewellery pieces. Since studying the art of jewels and jewellery making in Mexico, Salazar designs and constructs her pieces through her fundamental principle of preserving artisanal techniques in Bogota.
    We admire her work and the way she wants to preserve the craftsmanship techniques, by working with local and indigenous communities from Colombia.

    “Artisanship as art, the journey as an infinite discovery, spirituality as a path.
    Colombia as the beginning.”

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