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Axelle Delhaye

Swallow Necklace


This beautiful swallow necklace is the most iconic symbol of the victorian era antique’s jewelry.

Handcrafted in the designer’s workshop in Belgium, it features yellow gold and pearls.


Swallows mate for life, which displayed ones love for their sweetheart, when given as a gift.  Swallows also symbolized wanting your loved one to return home safely, faithfully, or just simply to come home soon.


Historically, the swallow carried great symbolic value for brave, adventurous sailors to show their sailing experience and adventures. A sailor would have one swallow tattooed on their body before setting out on a voyage, and the second swallow tattooed upon his return to the home port, once completing his journey. Should a sailor not make it back; the swallows would carry their soul to the heavens to be laid to rest in peace. This led many sailors to start embracing the Swallow as a symbol of hope and the successful completion of a long voyage

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