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Maria Tash

Diamond Eternity with 2 Dangles single earring


This elegant ring set in 18k gold, has seventeen diamonds around the inside and outside surface of the ring, and two dangling, invisible set diamonds that add movement to the piece. When facing forward and fitting snugly, you see diamonds all around the outside surface of the ring. This diamond placement creates a 360 degree sparkle effect. If you wear your hair up, an observer will see diamonds below and from behind your head. The inside diameter of the ring is 8mm, which is a medium fit. Ring closure: Clicker, Snaps Open and Closed

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  • Details

    List of materials:

    18k Solid Gold, Diamond 0,15 ct Nickel Free, and Hypoallergenic.


    19 gauge = 0.9mm slimline


    5/16" Diamond Eternity with 2 Dangles (Earlobe)

  • Designer

    Maria Tash has been a designer and retailer of fine jewelry for over 21 years. Her interest began at a young age after attending a jewelry design class with her mother. However, this affinity did not fully bloom into a career until some years later after studying in London. There she discovered her appreciation for the art of body piercing and a love of Indian and Pakistani designs, most notably nostril and ear jewelry.

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