AXL jewelry About us

AXL jewelry About us

Original Jewelry Store

Axelle Delhaye

Axelle Delhaye is passionate about art, fashion and jewellery. She creates unique jewels from antique pieces, more specifically from the Victorian era.
Today, her project is evolving with the opening of a boutique in Brussels.
The boutique is designed as a salon/boudoir. The clients are welcomed in a most intimate and warming space.

AXL jewelry About us

Our Jewelry Designers and Store

We are very proud to be the first high-end jewellery concept store in Brussels.
Apart from Axelle’s own line, are represented brands like: Maria Tash, Stone, Delfina Delettrez, Yvonne Léon, Woodbury Jewelery...
The boutique is located in the Place Brugmann neighbourhood also known as « Le Petit Paris » for its Haussmannian architecture, its café, restaurants and luxury shops.
AXL jewelry About us


AXL jewelry AXL Pop Up Shop
18 Jul 2018

AXL Pop Up Shop

This summer AXL is going on tour!

We are  excited to invite you to our pop up shop in Knokke, from 8th-10th of August.

We will be presenting some of our favorite brands!

For the occasion, we will host one of our famous piercing party on Thursday the 9th of August, from 12:00 to 20:00.

Don’t forget to make an appointment :


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